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[Does eating fat make you fat?

[Does eating fat make you fat?

[Does eating fat make you fat?

In everyone’s impression, sugar is the most critical factor causing too much, but it is not.

As a necessity that the human body needs, sugar must not be eaten, but it must be eaten properly. Once the sugar is excessive, the human body cannot completely absorb it, which will inevitably cause too much.

First, can you gain weight by eating sugar?

Too many people regard sugar as the culprit of obesity, thinking that they can lose weight by quitting sugar.

In fact, sugar is a necessary nutrient for the body. It travels between sweetness and danger. Proper sugar supplementation can supplement energy and facilitate metabolism.

Too much sugar is added, and the transition is excessive, and the part that cannot be consumed in the body will instantly become a tiny hoarding.

Eating too much sugar will lead to obesity, and gradually raise blood sugar, leading to high blood sugar.

Second, why are you hungry quickly after eating high-sugar foods?

I believe many people will feel this way. They have just eaten sweets, and after a while, their stomachs are hungry again.

In fact, this is a “cheat” of sugar.

The glycemic index of sugar is high, which means that sugar is digested quickly.

The rapidly rising blood pressure releases a large amount of insulin, which helps cells convert sugar into energy, which makes people feel refreshed.

This is why people feel happy after eating sweets.

But very quickly, glucose levels quickly drop, and the brain sends out meals.

Third, how can I not lose weight by eating sugar?


Controlling sugar intake How bad is sugar? How much sugar do you eat every day?

Nutritionists recommend that everyone eat 50 grams of refined sugar a day.


Eat sugar after meals If you are having trouble holding sweets, you can eat some after meals.

Because fiber supplements eaten during meals can reduce the rate of sugar absorption and reduce the amount of sugar absorbed.


Sugar is best to absorb sugary foods from fruits. We can replace refined sugars with sugary foods.

In addition, drink less sugary beverages, the body needs the best sugar from fruit and some small amounts of rich food.