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[How to make baby food supplement egg yolk]_Children_Methods Daquan

[How to make baby food supplement egg yolk]_Children_Methods Daquan

[How to make baby food supplement egg yolk]_Children_Methods Daquan

For babies older than four months, adding a few complementary foods will help your child’s health.

The principle to be grasped in eating complementary foods is that they should be refined and have sufficient nutritional value. For example, you can eat egg yolk for your baby. Egg yolk has a higher nutritional value and is easy to digest.The method of supplementing the egg yolk for the baby is also relatively simple. The prepared egg yolk must be crushed with a spoon and then added with boiling water to feed.

How to make a baby’s complementary food with egg yolk Ingredients: 1 egg yolk Method: steam the egg in an electric hot pot or cook it in clear water, remove the egg yolk, crush it with a spoon, add boiling water and feed.

The yolk mud can also be made into a paste with milk, rice soup, vegetable water, etc. and ready to eat.

How to eat: Suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Related groups: Suitable for babies over 6 months.

Health Tips: Yolk mud is soft and palatable, slightly salty, and nutritious. Feeding it to the baby can not only nourish the brain, but also meet his need for iron.

Precautions for making yolk puree 1. When making yolk puree, the protein must be removed.

This is because the protein of the protein is more likely to cause allergic reactions and can be consumed at least 1 year old.

For babies aged 2 to 6 months, you should gradually increase the amount of egg yolk. You can first feed 1/4 of an egg yolk. If the baby digests well, the stool is normal, and there is no sensation, then you can gradually add 1/2, 3/4 egg yolks, the whole egg yolk can be fed after 8 months.

Babies after 8 months can gradually feed dietary egg custard, fish paste, liver paste, rotten noodles, soft porridge, etc.

3, choose fresh eggs as raw materials, cook in a cold water pot, so that it is not easy to cook the billet, soak it in cold water immediately after cooking, so it is easy to shell.

4, undercooked liquid egg yolk is not suitable for babies to eat, the most suitable egg yolk should be dry and powdery, tender yellow and yellow, this kind of egg yolk is best for the baby to make yolk mud.

The cooking time for eggs is about 5 minutes. Parents should decide according to the conditions and experience of their home.

When the outer layer of the egg yolk has a black circle, it means that the egg is boiled. Although the boiled egg is free of bacteria, the iron in the egg yolk is boiled out. This kind of boiled egg is not suitable for babies.

Other ways to make egg yolks. If the baby doesn’t like to eat yolk mud, replace the yolk yolk production method: knock the eggs open, filter out the protein, then take out the yolks, add a little cold water, and steam for a few minutes.

When your baby is about 7 months old and has become accustomed to complementary foods, you can make yolk porridge for your baby.

Production method: Crush the cooked egg yolk, mix with the cooked white rice porridge for a while or directly sprinkle on the white rice porridge.