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[Efficacy of Hangbaiju plus wolfberry]_action_benefit

[Efficacy of Hangbaiju plus wolfberry]_action_benefit

[Efficacy of Hangbaiju plus wolfberry]_action_benefit

Hangbaiju has the function of clearing heat, and the Chinese wolfberry and clearing the liver function have a good effect of lowering fire and clearing the liver.

Among the chrysanthemums, there are many vitamins, among which vitamin A is the most. This is very useful for eye care. Among the wolfberry, it has the effect of relieving fatigue.

The combination of chrysanthemum chrysanthemum and Chinese wolfberry is very effective in reducing fatigue in the human body, and protects the liver, clears the liver, and protects the eyes and eyes.

Clearing the liver and eyesight, clearing heat and removing fire, reducing fat and blood pressure, moisturizing intestines and detoxifying, alleviating dry eyes and fatigue.

Both chrysanthemum and wolfberry are eye-protecting medicinal materials, which have a good effect on relieving eye fatigue and blurred vision.

Modern medical research proves that wolfberry has immune regulation, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-tumor, anti-fatigue, lowering blood lipids, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, kidney, liver protection, eyesight, beauty, brain health, detoxification, protection of the reproductive system,Sixteen functions such as anti-radiation damage.

In addition, it can reduce the whitening effect, because wolfberry can improve the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen.

Chrysanthemum can clear the liver and eyesight.

The two work together, clearing and supplementing each other, taking into account the specimen, which has obvious protective effects on the eyes.

1 “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that the Chinese wolfberry and chrysanthemum chrysanthemum “sweetness, sexual flatness” has the effect of dispersing wind and heat, and calming the liver and eyesight.

Liver fire can make your eyes white and yellow. Of course, your eyes are yellow.

Drinking wolfberry and chrysanthemums often smoothes the liver, and the eyes are clearer, and the electricity is connected in series.

2 Modern pharmacology shows that chrysanthemum is rich in vitamin A, which is an important substance for maintaining eye health.

Chrysanthemum tea has a clear head, bright eyes, and is especially good for liver flaming. The eyes with dryness caused by excessive eyes have better effects. Computer families who often feel dry eyes, it is good to drink more chrysanthemum tea.

The eyes are not dry and not short-sighted.

3 Lycium barbarum, “tonifying the kidney and regenerating sperm, nourishing the liver, improving eyesight, strengthening the bones, removing fatigue, easy color, whitening, soothing eyesight, and longevity.

“Modern medicine proves that wolfberry has obvious curative effect on the so-called” sub-healthy “people who often feel tired and physically weak.

Stay away from sub-health, let your eyebrows plug in electricity!

4 Chinese wolfberry tea is added to chrysanthemum tea. The three kinds are eye-protecting medicinal herbs. The tea that is brewed is the famous “jujube tea”, especially after the students often review their homework all night, and after the computer family’s online work, eye fatigue occursPeople with short-sightedness often feel dry eyes. Drinking chrysanthemum tea often can improve the discomfort of the eyes and alleviate the above symptoms.

Wolfberry chrysanthemum tea is made with chrysanthemum and wolfberry.

Add 10 grams of chrysanthemum and wolfberry each time into a large teapot, add hot boiling water, and replace it after 10 minutes.

Lycium barbarum has a strong effect on nourishing and nourishing qi, warming and nourishing.

Although wolfberry chrysanthemum tea has good nourishing and healing effects, it is not suitable for everyone.

People with weak constitution and poor resistance should usually eat more wolfberry, but they are suffering from a cold and fever, and have inflammation in their bodies. People with diarrhea should not eat.

Lycium barbarum contains abundant carotene, vitamins A1, B1, B2, C and other calcium, iron, and other healthy eyes that must be nourished. Therefore, it is good at eyesight, so it is commonly known as “bright eyes”.

Medical doctors of all ages used wolfberry to treat dim vision and night blindness caused by deficiency of kidney and yin.

Eating wolfberry often can be beauty, which many people don’t know.

This is because wolfberry can improve the ability of the human skin to absorb oxygen, and in addition, it can whiten the skin.